Vinyl fabric has a wide range of applications. It’s used a great deal for boat upholstery, awnings, and some outdoor furniture. Vinyl is waterproof, weatherproof, durable, low maintenance, and easy to clean. Outdoor textiles carries top brands such as AwnTex, Aqualon and more to ensure our customers have the best possible choices for their projects.

Vinyl Fabric

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  1. Skin Tex Ostrich SO-303 Almond Outdoor Upholstery Fabric
  2. Aqualon Edge Cabernet 5909 Marine Fabric
  3. Aqualon Edge Slate Grey 5971 Marine Fabric
  4. Aqualon Edge Black Onyx 5900 Marine Fabric
  5. Aqualon Edge Coastal Ivory 5908 Marine Fabric
  6. Patio 500 Pewter 528 Awning Fabric
  7. Weblon Coastline Plus Sunset Orange CP-2713 Awning Fabric
  8. Aqualon Edge Ivy Green 5903 Marine Fabric
  9. Aqualon Edge Charcoal Grey 5918 Marine Fabric
  10. Aqualon Edge Oxford Tan 5925 Marine Fabric
  11. Aqualon Edge Apple Red 5907 Marine Fabric
  12. Aqualon Edge Classical Silver 5942 Marine Fabric
  13. Aqualon Edge Toast 5949 Marine Fabric
  14. Aqualon Edge Scarlet 5905 Marine Fabric
  15. Aqualon Edge Basic Beige 5968 Marine Fabric
  16. Aqualon Edge Nautical Navy 5928 Marine Fabric
  17. Aqualon Edge Mountain Taupe 5921 Marine Fabric
  18. Weblon Coastline Plus Deepsea Blue CP-2712 Awning Fabric
  19. Nautolex Capitano Cloud White 513658 Foam Back Marine Upholstery Fabric
  20. Aqualon Edge Soft Black Oynx 5900ES Marine Fabric
  21. Causeway Chocolate Marine Upholstery Fabric
  22. Patio Lane Arctic 9009 Black Automotive and Upholstery Fabric
  23. Causeway Dark Grey Marine Upholstery Fabric

Items 1-24 of 977

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