Vinyl fabric has a wide range of applications. It’s used a great deal for boat upholstery, awnings, and some outdoor furniture. Vinyl is waterproof, weatherproof, durable, low maintenance, and easy to clean. Outdoor textiles carries top brands such as AwnTex, Aqualon and more to ensure our customers have the best possible choices for their projects.

Vinyl Fabric

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  1. Causeway Honey Marine Upholstery Fabric
  2. Nautolex Capitano Cancun Blue 57582 Marine Upholstery Fabric
  3. Weblon Regatta White/White D-62417 Awning Fabric
  4. Nautolex Capitano Techno Gray 513887 Marine Upholstery Fabric
  5. Allegro 7065 Old Whiskey Marine Upholstery Fabric
  6. Sattler 98-inch Standard Color Traffic White 1F4 745 FR Collection Awning - Shade - Marine Fabric
  7. Weblon Coastline Plus Beacon Yellow CP-2706 Awning Fabric
  8. Herculite Natura Antique White NT7739 Awning Fabric
  9. Ultrafabrics Brisa 393-3823 Aztec Upholstery Fabric
  10. Nautolex Capitano Conch Shell 514006 Marine Upholstery Fabric
  11. Nautolex Capitano Sandshell 514287 Marine Upholstery Fabric
  12. Nautolex Capitano Daredevil 513952 Marine Upholstery Fabric
  13. Nautolex Capitano Marooned 517586 Marine Upholstery Fabric
  14. Weblon Coastline Plus Sunrise Saffron CP-2730 Awning Fabric
  15. Weblon Coastline Plus Bay Blue CP-2741 Awning Fabric
  16. Aqualon Edge Indigo Blue 5969 Marine Fabric
  17. Monticello 9806/96 Light Grey Automotive and Interior Seating Upholstery Fabric
  18. Nautolex Underlining Light Gray 524146 Marine Upholstery Fabric
  19. Weblon Coastline Plus Ebbtide Tan CP-2738 Awning Fabric
  20. Weblon Coastline Plus Dark Taupe CP-2791 Awning Fabric
  21. Patio 500 White 523 Awning Fabric

Items 25-48 of 978

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