Our outdoor upholstery fabric comes from some of the most notable brands and designers from around the world. Outdura, Tempotest, Serge Ferrari Stamskin, and Softside are just a few of the top quality brands offered. Upholstery fabric comes in an assortment of patterns, with solids, stripes, dots, organic patterns, geometric patterns, and much more in many different colors. With this much variety you are sure to find the perfect match for your outdoor projects.

Outdoor Upholstery Fabric

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  1. Tempotest Home Ciao Sky Blue 21/615 Fifty Four Vol II Upholstery Fabric
  2. Outdura Melody Sapphire 8710 Ovation 3 Collection - Lofty Blue Upholstery Fabric
  3. Bella Dura River Run Marine 27466B9-91 Upholstery Fabric
  4. Tempotest Home Donatello Cobalt 50963/15 Strutture Collection Upholstery Fabric
  5. Outdura Sparkle Turquoise 1728 Modern Textures Collection - Reversible Upholstery Fabric
  6. Kravet Design Arroyo Stone 35823-11 Breezy Indoor/Outdoor Collection Upholstery Fabric
  7. Serge Ferrari Stamskin Top Alezan F4340-20286 Upholstery Fabric
  8. Olympus Cadet OLY110ADF Multipurpose Upholstery Fabric
  9. Olympus Dove OLY120ADF Multipurpose Upholstery Fabric
  10. Outdura Domino Coco 3119 Ovation 3 Collection - Earthy Balance Upholstery Fabric
  11. Outdura Rumor Midnight 6672 Ovation 3 Collection - Lofty Blue Upholstery Fabric
  12. Kravet Smart 35517-1116 Inside Out Performance Fabrics Collection Upholstery Fabric
  13. Tempotest Home Donatello Cappuccino 50963/9 Strutture Collection Upholstery Fabric
  14. Tempotest Home Michelangelo Silver White 50964/11 Strutture Collection Upholstery Fabric
  15. Tempotest Home Topsail Autumn 1038/73 Lido Collection Upholstery Fabric
  16. F Schumacher Jumble II Red 176672 Indoor / Outdoor by Studio Bon Collection Upholstery Fabric
  17. Bella Dura Atoll Persimmon Home Collection Upholstery Fabric
  18. Bella Dura Kepler Fog Home Collection Upholstery Fabric
  19. Olympus Red Berry OLY330ADF Multipurpose Upholstery Fabric
  20. Bella Dura Dart Granite 29294B1-1 Upholstery Fabric
  21. Premier Prints Ramey Light Grey Indoor-Outdoor Upholstery Fabric

Items 49-72 of 4775

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