Our outdoor upholstery fabric comes from some of the most notable brands and designers from around the world. Outdura, Tempotest, Serge Ferrari Stamskin, and Softside are just a few of the top quality brands offered. Upholstery fabric comes in an assortment of patterns, with solids, stripes, dots, organic patterns, geometric patterns, and much more in many different colors. With this much variety you are sure to find the perfect match for your outdoor projects.

Outdoor Upholstery Fabric

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  1. Hydrofend Iron Grey 38585-0000 60 Inch Marine Fabric
  2. Outdura Constantine Navy 12100 Ovation 4 Collection - Starry Night Upholstery Fabric
  3. Bella Dura Firth Fog Home Collection Upholstery Fabric
  4. Bella Dura Baybreeze Seagrove 29339C1-4 Upholstery Fabric
  5. Bella Dura Pebble Beach Mineral 28256A3-19 Upholstery Fabric
  6. Tempotest Home Sand Beach 1039/930 Solids Collection Upholstery Fabric
  7. Premier Prints Foster Oxford Luxe Polyester Garden Retreat Outdoor Collection Indoor-Outdoor Upholstery Fabric
  8. Tempotest Home Steel Blue 21/15 Solids Collection Upholstery Fabric
  9. Tempotest Home Raffaello Taupe 50965/5 Strutture Collection Upholstery Fabric
  10. Outdura Domino Ink 3116 Ovation 3 Collection - Lofty Blue Upholstery Fabric
  11. Stout Jamaica Sandune 3 Shine on Performance Collection Indoor/Outdoor Upholstery Fabric
  12. Bella Dura Baybreeze Mai Tai 29339C1-2 Upholstery Fabric
  13. Kravet Basics 35373-11 Performance Indoor Outdoor Collection Multipurpose Fabric
  14. Perennials Dot, Dot, Dot... Bluestone Suit Yourself Collection Upholstery Fabric
  15. Outdura Laurel Ecru 11700 Ovation 4 Collection - Warm Winter Upholstery Fabric
  16. Bella Dura Animal Magnetism Umber Home Collection Upholstery Fabric
  17. Bella Dura Georgia Turquoise 322208C2-5 Upholstery Fabric
  18. Perennials Maze Craze Ash the Usual Suspects Collection Upholstery Fabric
  19. Bella Dura Conga Charcoal 30211A1-7 Upholstery Fabric
  20. Bella Dura Handloom Sedona 29688B3-2 Upholstery Fabric
  21. Outdura Solids Island Blue 5441 Modern Textures Collection Upholstery Fabric

Items 25-48 of 5171

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