Sunbrella has one of the most extensive ranges of patterns and color options available of any fabric brand. With increasing popularity, top designers are looking to create their own designs and patterns with Sunbrella fabrics adding to the already vast collection. Made with a solution-dyed acrylic fibers, Sunbrella is resistant to everything from mold and mildew to fading and discoloration. Because of its durability Sunbrella Marine fabric can be used for boating applications, awning structures, and well as shade sails. Sling fabrics by Sunbrella are specifically designed for sling chairs and sling chaise lounges but has been used in many outdoor applications. When Sunbrella is combined with PVC the sling fabrics are an open weave and mesh allowing water to easily flow through. Its wide variety of uses, robustness and thousands of pattern choices has made it the go-to fabric for many people looking to update their upholstery.

Sunbrella Outdoor Upholstery and Shade Fabric

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  1. Sunbrella Cove Pebble 58036-0000 Elements Collection Upholstery Fabric
  2. Sunbrella Insignia Tattoo 145042-0000 Upholstery Fabric
  3. Sunbrella Maritime Nautical 145239-0000 Fusion Collection Upholstery Fabric
  4. Sunbrella by Mayer Signs Beachcomber 432-002 Vollis Simpson Collection Upholstery Fabric
  5. Sunbrella Cast Ocean 48103-0000 The Pure Collection Upholstery Fabric
  6. Sunbrella Detail Navy 146003-0005 Emerge Collection Upholstery Fabric
  7. Sunbrella Captain Navy Natural Classic 4902-0000 46-Inch Awning / Marine Fabric
  8. Sunbrella Seamark Royal Blue Tweed 2103-0063 60-Inch Awning / Marine Fabric
  9. Sunbrella Captain Navy 80046-0000 80-Inch Awning / Marine Fabric
  10. Sunbrella Canvas Air Blue 5410-0000 Elements Collection Upholstery Fabric
  11. Sunbrella Canvas Coal 5489-0000 Elements Collection Upholstery Fabric
  12. Sunbrella Canvas Granite 5402-0000 Elements Collection Upholstery Fabric
  13. Sunbrella Canvas Hot Pink 5462-0000 Elements Collection Upholstery Fabric
  14. Sunbrella Canvas Navy 5439-0000 Elements Collection Upholstery Fabric
  15. Sunbrella Canvas Sunflower Yellow 5457-0000 Elements Collection Upholstery Fabric
  16. Sunbrella Brannon Redwood 5612-0000 Elements Collection Upholstery Fabric
  17. Sunbrella Cabana Classic 58030-0000 Elements Collection Upholstery Fabric
  18. Sunbrella Yacht Stripe Charcoal YAC 3723 European Collection Upholstery Fabric
  19. Sunbrella Fretwork Flax 45991-0001 Elements Collection - Reversible Upholstery Fabric (Dark Side)
  20. Sunbrella Colonnade Juniper 4856-0000 46-Inch Awning / Marine Fabric
  21. Sunbrella 6044-0000 Charcoal Grey 60 in. Awning / Marine Grade Fabric

Items 73-96 of 2716

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