Retractable Awning Recovering

Before you replace a retractable awning just because the fabric is old and faded, consider the possibility of recovering it. Retractable awning recovering is something you may be able to do yourself with some careful instructions. There is no need to remove the awning itself to accomplish this. Removing the fabric and the valance will allow you to replace it with new fabric. Whether you are purchasing a new retractable awning or replacing the fabric on an older one, there are some things you should consider.

Materials Used Today

Fabric for awnings is usually no longer made of canvas. There are several choices you need to make to suit your preference. Some of the more desirable fabrics are made of woven acrylic. Others are made of fabric that has been coated with vinyl. The woven acrylic may be water-resistant while the vinyl coating will make the fabric more water repellent. Acrylic fabric looks similar to canvas but it wears much better when exposed to the elements.


Acrylic fabrics come in different weaves and coatings. If a more breathable fabric has advantages for your installation, mesh fabrics may be your wisest choice as they allow more ventilation and more of an outdoor feel. Vinyl coating is used mostly for commercial applications where the need to repel water is essential. Some fabrics are woven with 2-ply thread. Acrylic fabrics appear much like rich cloth. A more open weave allows the breeze to filter through and doesn't build up the heat as much.

Fabric Manufacturers

  • Tempotest is an acrylic fabric coming from Europe. It is coated with DuPont Teflon to make it stronger and more durable. Tempotest can brave dry environments as well as ones higher in humidity. Be sure it will work with your retractable awning before you make this choice.
  • Sattler fabric is solution-dyed acrylic which is produced in Austria. It is covered by a 5-year guarantee for function and service life. Sattler fabric is great protection against the sun and is water and dirt repellent.
  • Sunbrella® uses tough acrylic fiber for the fabric that resists stains and mildew. Sunbrella uses yarn that is completely solution dyed so that the color won't fade or wash out. It will withstand the harshest sun without fading. Eclipse fabrics are Sunbrella brand acrylic fabrics that are warranted for 8 years against rot, mildew and excessive fading.
  • Outdura is a fabric produced using only Dolan fiber. Dolan produces spun-dyed acrylic fiber for outdoor applications. This is a special fiber that adds the dye and UV stabilizers while it is still sticky in consistency locking in the color and avoiding dry rot of the fabric. Outdura is made using two-ply yarns for added strength and durability. Outdura is also UV protected with a rating of 50+.

Outdoor Textiles Company

Awning fabrics come in various colors, shades and weaves are available for the DIY person with prices that are bound to fit any budget. Outdoor Textiles has the largest and best-priced selection of fabrics and colors on the internet. These fabrics are for outdoor use, are UV protected, and are a high quality bought directly from the manufacturer. Whether your present awning is manufactured by KE Outdoor, Solair, Sunesta or other manufacturers, if you provide us with the basic details such as the size of covered area and the material that you want to use, we can provide you with a quote.

In the Tampa Bay area, Outdoor Textiles can install and recover retractable awnings if needed, but be assured this is a task that you can do by yourself if you wish. Please send information about your project to