To make your marine furniture look great and stay looking great, Outdoor Textiles offers a wide selection of outdoor fabrics from the top names in the industry. Choose top-of-the-line Sunbrella fabrics in fabulous striped and solid patterns. Sunbrella products are the perfect covers for chairs, benches, cushions and more in attractive, durable acrylic weaves that hold up year after year in all kinds of weather. From Textilene and Leisuretex come a versatile array of wicker-patterned and slingtex marine fabrics in a variety of print styles and weights.

With so many colors and weaves to choose from, you'll find it easy to match the other aesthetics of your craft. Enjoy browsing our complete line of stunning, durable and eye-pleasing outdoor fabrics. You're sure to find several that are exactly what you're looking for in whatever quantity you need. Outdoor Textiles is proud to offer this huge selection of the world's top marine fabrics to our customers who demand the best.

Indoor / Outdoor Upholstery Fabric

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  1. Guaranteed In Stock - Sunbrella Castanet Beach 5604-0000 Upholstery Fabric
  2. Sunbrella Spectrum Coffee 48029-0000 Elements Collection Upholstery Fabric
  3. Sunbrella Cabana Classic 58030-0000 Elements Collection Upholstery Fabric
  4. Sunbrella Yacht Stripe Charcoal YAC-3723 European Collection Upholstery Fabric
  5. Allegro 7065 Old Whiskey Marine Upholstery Fabric
  6. Outdura Kinzie Aqua 7055 The Ovation 3 Collection - Lofty Blue Upholstery Fabric
  7. Outdura Fenway Coal 1510 The Ovation II Collection - Reversible Upholstery Fabric
  8. Tempotest Home Novella Onyx 5417-24 Fifty Four Collection Upholstery Fabric
  9. Sunbrella Nurture Indigo 42102-0008 Balance Collection Upholstery Fabric
  10. Sunbrella Nurture Pebble 42102-0002 Balance Collection Upholstery Fabric
  11. Ultrafabrics Brisa 393-3823 Aztec Upholstery Fabric
  12. Sunbrella Dupione Henna 8056-0000 Elements Collection Upholstery Fabric
  13. Sunbrella Elevation Stone 50183-0000 Sling Upholstery Fabric
  14. Phifertex Tempo Stone YAC Stripe 54-inch Sling / Mesh Upholstery Fabric
  15. Sunbrella Loft Indigo 46058-0012 Shift Collection Upholstery Fabric
  16. Sunbrella Savvy Indigo 45889-0007 Fusion Collection Upholstery Fabric
  17. Outdura Storm Coco 6622 The Ovation 3 Collection - Earthy Balance Upholstery Fabric
  18. Sunbrella Esti Indigo 44349-0026 Fusion Collection Upholstery Fabric

Items 97-120 of 9442

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