Sunbrella Fabrics Information

Sunbrella Offers Durable Protection From The Elements

When it comes to protecting your investment, whether it is a boat or awning, there are many materials available. The problem is that many of the materials actually add to the destruction of the very items they are designed to protect by holding in heat and moisture and providing a breeding ground for mold and mildew. One of the better materials, known as Sunbrella, while providing protection from water, wind and the sun also breathes to reduce damages from the natural environment.

The name itself tells a lot about the abilities of Sunbrella as protection against the elements. In addition to protecting surfaces from the harsh affects of wind and water, it serves as an umbrella against the damaging rays of the sun. Its ability to breathe and remain dry also prevents mold from building up on the surfaces of the fabric.

Mold is a sponge-like growth that is blown around by the wind and when it comes into contact with a damp surface tends to stick and begin to form its own colony. There are many damaging affects that appear with mold, and even worse are the documented health effects that mold has been known to cause. Sunbrella fabrics are designed to dry quickly so that mold hits the material it is repelled to look for another place for safe harbor. The material's ability to reject the mold not only provides a safer environment, especially in watercraft and other outdoor applications, it is also fade resistant to help maintain its appearance after years of use.

For boaters, appearance is nearly everything when it comes to choosing fabric for drop curtains or a mooring cover and Sunbrella provides the protection they need from exposure to salt water, the sun and extreme weather. In addition to the protection qualities of Sunbrella, it is made to appear like many other fabrics, allowing the craft to hide behind aesthetics pleasing to the owners and others near the mooring.

The open weave of Sunbrella fabric allows visibility as well as privacy, allow a view from the inside while blocking the view from the outside. The open weave also provides air flow helping to reduce heat and humidity and it has the look and feel of quality cloth material as opposed to some exterior fabrics that resemble plastic. Its ability to block UVA and UVB rays also protects against heat with a natural protective quality against fading.

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